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Operation 365 2… Blog 236

I’ve been writing songs like a songwriting banshee lately, though I can’t say I’m certain for a banshee would write songs. I don’t even know what a banshee is, I just realized. I’ve been writing every which way you can: solo, with friends, in bunches, with lyrics form the notebook, from scratch on a whim. All of ‘em and then some. Now I’m writing this, holding on with the IRS. 24:15 and counting.

So, it’s been fun. When it comes to time to share, it’s hard to settle on one. Or perhaps my thinking is impaired due to the sweat and responsibility. At leasy I have my paper towel to dry me. I could use a fan. It always seems just a room or two away. In this case, it literally is.
No idea what this video will be when there is one. I recorded tons today. Not sure what to share and what’s OK. 42:54 now, took a rest. Loaded videos in to computer friend.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 236 “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles
So, is this the greatest version ever of “She’s Leaving Home?” How about this? Is today’s the world’s most beautiful day. It’s pretty beautiful out there… The sun is shining. The sky is welcoming and blue. The breeze breathes sweet relief. So I don’t know, but I do know that it doesn’t matter. Greatest. Worst. These terms are overrated and overused. Capitalism. The Olympics. Battles make us forget the essence of everything excellent. It was never winning or losing. It was playing the game. It’s the simple fact that we exist. I’m not saying you deserve a trophy for it. I’m saying a day breathing air and loving and I’ll leave the trophies for the capitalist champions and the Olympics.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 236 “Just Now” by Jefferson Jay
Life is short. There’s hardly time to climb all the mountains we dream of, or to sing off every stage, We do what we can. We breathe. We create. We live. It’s great, far greater than we realize. Chasing invisible accomplishments, we overlook our greatest step, existing here alive each day. Thank you my friends, for welcoming this song into your life, this song that I wrote here, just for you, “Just Now.” Love on, my friends.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 236 “ Sigh Young”
So at the end of this part of today’s musical adventure, I made up a song for you called “Just Now,” which is when I wrote and what it’s all about. Then I ranted and raved awhile about what the meaning of the whole thing was. The meaning is enjoy it, ‘cause it’s all great and then it’s all gone. “Wrong” notes… there’s no such thing.

“We are all perfectly fine.” – Happy Bear

Operation 365 2… Blog 235

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 235 “Ground”

One of man’s most dependable and overlooked partners is ground. Is there a more foundational friend for man than the surface that supports his toesies. Clearly, not. Imagine, if you will for a moment, a world without ground. Floating aimlessly, like in space, or worse, falling, endlessly, like in a world without ground. See?
It is a time for a moment of reflection and profound appreciation for our most frequently silent amigo. Expecting nothing, offering never-ending support, ground is our everything. Hail you, ground.
Anti shout-out to quicksand, earthquakes and tsunamis, those rare instances when ground starts free-lancing and goes rogue. All the more reason to honor traditional ground behavior, I say.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 235 “Do the Olympics Love You?” by Jefferson Jay

Welcome to Olympics Day on this here operation 365 2. It’s a bonanza of athletic excitement for two weeks every four years. But then what? It stops. Does it ask if you want it to stop? Never. It leaves you high and dry, desperate for it’s return, whenever the heck it gets around to coming back, approximately every four years. How would you feel if you mother or a lover treated you with such haphazard regard. You’d feel like that sandbox the long jumpers jump in, I bet.
Folks, Americans, especially ladies, have a rabid love affair, with these two quadrennial weeks where we devote ourselves to sports we are otherwise unaware of. It’s OK. It’s the human interest stories, like the polluted pool and the swimmer who got robbed at gunpoint that truly tug at our heart strings. Bottom line folks, is that the Olympics are the best and we are lucky to watch commercials that pay for them. Shot out to the Olivers and Cat Chengery, who really light up when discussing these athletic achievements. They inspired this song. Ask yourself, my friends, would the Olympics let you cry on their shoulder if you had a broken heart. I wonder.
Those of you keeping score at home can check the box for five straight “Sports Songs of the Week.”
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 235 “Bugler’s Dream” by Leo Arnaud

Now I don’t know the name of The Olympic Song. That’s what I call it. I guess I’m going to have to look it up. What I do know, is I crushed it, roughly as hard as you can possibly a capella crush a magnum opus of this genre. I am the Usain Bolt of this. We are all the Usain Bolt of being ourselves. That’s a pretty awesome thing, actually.

Operation 365 2… Blog 234

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 234 “More On” by Jefferson Jay

Late last night, I was falling asleep and then I got an idea for a song. “More On.” Get it? That’s usually where it starts. Seconds later, the whole verse had written itself in my head. Complicating thing still more, I was finally comfortable. It is hot in my house. It was sweaty in my bedroom last night and that was just lying there. So, I had to seize the opportunity for sleep and hope I’d still have some of it in the morning. I tried to memorize in my final thoughts for the day as an awake person.
Fortunate I was to remember these moments today when I awoke. I had it pretty clear I thought, until the paper was near. The song flowed easily. I wrote in twenty minutes or so while hanging out with friends after breakfast. The only line I struggled to remember I was the last line I wrote before I fell asleep. The one that began with “cunning.” Any way, thanks to the commercial I hear when I listen to WFAN on the Tune In app for partial inspiration. I think it’s about some thing dental. Have a pun on this glorious Sunday
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 234 “The Last Tango on 16th Street” by Boz Scaggs

My father-in-law is one of the coolest people in the world. His name is Tom Pearl and if you know him, then you know. No sense in regaling you with Tom Pearl stories. It IS one of those had to be there things. Well, you can still be there. He remains in his prime and he’s a septuagenarian, SAG card holding, motor bike racing stuntman. And frankly, that’s not the half of it. Not even close.
He told me once he’d like to hear me play this “The Last Tango on 16th Street.” We listened. And learned it. Figured out it was a blues in some key. Maybe E. It is not offered on the Internet for easy access. I found some lyrics but as I sang them I found that they were flawed too. Shock. Some of the words weren’t even conceivable like “beronnes” and “spachings” and “flores” and “paise to be descrese.” I wish I’d used, instead of
Oh well. Cheers Tom. I needed a tune and thought of you. I don’t really recall if it sounds like this, but hopefully it will do. I went for it, took it adventurous and made it my own. In essence, I did it like you. Thanks. Peace.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 234 “Corn Muffins”

Sunday. Silliness. It’s got to stop somewhere. There is only so much something you can have in each day. Sharing or otherwise. So listen to a little licking, then stand by. Tomorrow, we rise again. My friends.

Operation 365 2… Blog 233

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 233 “Joe’s Garage” by Frank Zappa

So, it this the greatest version ever of “Joe’s Garage?” Respecting subjectivity, I’m gonna guess no, but does that make it not worth doing or listening to? I’m going to have go with no. In assessing events, context is everything. Seeing everything in its proper perspective helps us understand what everything is. Imagine what we’d think about lightning or rainbows or the ocean if we didn’t know what they happened…. Wait a minute… Do we? I don’t actually. I wish I knew. Why we have lightning. Rainbows. I have no idea! Damn! What do I know? Not much.
I know this. I had fun playing “Joe’s Garage” for you today. I have the ultimate respect for Zappa and his family so it humbles me to finally get his work into this monolith that is the 365. I would love to meet some of the Zappa children or even Gail Zappa. I emulate and admire Frank’s fearlessness, both musically and socially. What a free spirit and amazing expressive artist. I hope you can enjoy the fun I had playing “Joe’s Garage” today. Don’t be a central scrutinizer, folks. Love you.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 233 “Friendship Tips”
Another glamorous Saturday it is, here in Ocean Beach. It is a delight to return to some semblance of normalcy after fun-filled anniversary and wife’s birthday celebrations for what seems like ages now. It was fun, but ahhh… Still, things to remain though. I don’t mind. We do what we can to manage our duties and balance that with celebrating life. We are quite blessed. I am grateful.
Not everybody gets friendship. I do. It goes well with appreciating, loyalty and a love for giving back and community. Those are overlapping skills. If you have talents in those areas, you are probably excellent at being friends. Now selflessness, kindness, consideration, these attributes are not for everyone. I understand this. It is unfortunate, but that’s real. So for anyone, who might not be as naturally inclined to trusting and generosity, here are some helpful hints… or something.
 To summarize, friendship is best when we shelve our selfish and greedy impulses and replace them with some humble old-fashioned genuine happiness for everyone around’s well-being. Ahh. Feels good like a dip in the ocean or the sea breeze. 
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 233 “Fruits and Vegetables” by Jefferson Jay
Sometimes, we just have to sing. Today was one of those days for me. Sometimes, it is divine inspiration that drives us. Other times, it is we have a 365 deadline or Broadway show we need to sing for. In either case, singing can lift our spirit and give us a fresh perspective on our inspiring afternoons. 
Today, I give back to the ground and trees which have shared with us fertile fruits and vegetables for some time now. Thanks ground. Thanks trees. Here, I take to tun, ala musical theater and really dig deep into the layer-lavished onion that is the magical, mystical universe of fruits and veggies. And remember this, my friends, you are what you eat. Do you want to be fruits, vegetables, or meat? God bless you. 

Operation 365 2… Blog 232

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 232 “Them Belly Full” by Bob Marley

I always have these ideas of these amazing versions of all these tunes I will do when their day comes. I love “Them Belly Full,” like so many other Marley tunes. Is anyone more influential or important as an artist in the 20th century? Miles? Ellington? The Beatles? Maybe not, though? As great as “All You Need is Love Is,” Marley was hammering positive messages home song after song after song. I still feel the inspiration of his passion 36 years after his passing.
I would love to include every signature riff and hit all the proper notes, but when you’re doing something every day, that becomes the most crucial thing. There is a balance between doing something every day and getting it all exactly the way you want. You can’t have both. There are lifetimes worth of incredible things to do each day. We have to choose which parts are key to getting the job done.
I think I had this written a little more clearly moments ago before my dog laid down on the power strip and restarted this all, but in a way, that’s exactly my point. You can dream all you want about how things are going to go, but they go how they go anyway.  If you show up and bring something even close to you best effort every day, you have probably done far more than you realize. It is not about the little things that make everything seem so picturesque. That is garnish. It is about the meaning, the message, and the heart behind it. It is about uncovering and discovering a world of loving happiness. It is about showing up and representing for those who need you, every single day
How many days did Bob Marley not want to sing about injustice, starvation, strife, racism? You don’t think that got old, fighting everybody all the time? I’m sure it did and Bob died young.  Showing up and fighting the fight every day, with whatever weapons you have at your disposal, it means everything.
Hungry for justice, Hungry to contribute, Hungry to be part of the something special, a solution to the greed and hatred that has fooled so many for so long now. So while I wish I played that cool lick that kicks off this great Bob Marley song, hopefully we balance that out, with a consideration of the man and showing up to honor him and ourselves each day.
I still feel like I didn’t explain my point as clearly as I wanted to, as clearly as I had before the restart. I guess that’s the point. It can’t always be how we thought it would be. It can’t always be what we want what we expected. Embracing what is. Adjusting and being flexible. That, we can do. Thanks Bob. 
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 232 “The Baby Balance Blues” by Jefferson Jay

Free, peaceful time is one of the life’s most precious gifts. As we get older and responsibilities expand, childhood notions of boredom are replaced with long lists of things to do. When I get a little window of free time, I try to use it to do something creative. It often means my wife has fallen asleep and I am still up. So, yesterday, I grabbed that brass ring and started writing tunes. I wrote a bunch of ‘em, grabbing some old lyrics and putting chords and tempos with the melodies in my mind. I filmed it a little. I have to, otherwise, I struggle to remember some of the machinations of my late night mind.
My wife, sleeping through the final moments of her birthday, awoke. She emerged from the parlor and asked what I was doing. I answered, “Playing guitar?” I sensed she wanted me to go to bed. That’s common. I did. Then I realized she was still very asleep. I got back up and wrote some more. The 365 will not write itself. Ha! Anyway, I hardly remember this tune. It’s a blues I wrote somewhere in the middle of the session. The recording came out. For awhile, before I went to bed for five minutes, the fan was blowing all in the camera, so those songs were written, but those recordings… well, there’s lot of blowing. Bad blowing. Maybe I should name this song that. It IS in B.
Shout out to local legend Hugh Gaskins for inspiring some of the vocal stylings showcased in this late night funfest. Open invitation to anyone to reproduce this note for note on any instrument. I double triple super dare you in fact. Blues, baby.
Ha! I just went back to the lyrics in the book and read them. It appears to be a about the ups and downs and balance in having a baby. I’ve had baby balance on the brain, it certainly seems. So here it is. I typed “Blues, baby” and walked away and came back named the tune the “The Baby Balance Blues.” Not planned by me. By someone much higher up the chain. I didn’t decide. I read.

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 232 “The Most Important Thing”

I thought for a moment about using some of the fan-aided words uttered during my late night songwriting sesh last night, but then I decided against it for the meantime. Maybe, a different tomorrow, I will go there. Instead I thought, what if this were the last chance I had to speak to you guys, what would I say? (Alex Rodriguez will play his final game as a New York Yankee later today.) What is the most crucial message that I am compelled to share with you, my friends on the Operation 365? And then, like so often happens in life, things got slightly askew. What is the most important thing? Listen and learn… or watch… or something… August 12. August 12! 

Operation 365 2… Blog 231

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 231 “Leanne” by Jefferson Jay

What a heaping bunch of celebration. Anniversary, Tuesday. Wife’s birthday, today. Hallelujah! What a bunch of revelry. Here is a love song I wrote for Leanne some time ago. I was going to play it for her at our wedding, but due to a time crunch I cut myself. It’s not as grisly as it sounds. I promise. Instead, I offer it to her here today and her 30thanniversary of life. What a tremendous accomplishment. People don’t necessarily think of things like that when they’re younger, but as we age, we tend to realize each day is an accomplishment, and a year, 365 days surviving and thriving, that is a great achievement indeed. Congrats and I love and every word sang in this song is true. XOXOX. Muah! Smooch!
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 231 “Crazy for You” by Madonna
Moved by a recent request at work for old school Madonna, I have been busting these out left and right lately. I am crazy for my wife, Leanne, and it is her birthday, so today, we celebrate her and this Madonna jamboree is right on time to the fiesta. “Crazy for You” is so unlike all the other Madonna hits from back in the day. Cheers to her versatility. I wonder if Madonna is happy. I have no idea what it would be like to be her, obviously, so I couldn’t even venture a guess, but I hope she is. I hope we all is. Yes.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 231 “Drunk on Life and Love”
So, sometimes, I like to get a little silly at my work. Maybe I’ll play my The Noisy, Little, Wooden Thing or whatever it’s called. Sometimes, I sing silly songs about food or just go all in on a performance and make sure we’re all having a fun time. It works pretty well, and everybody gets that I am playing aroundand entertaining. Until today, well…  she was probably joking too.
I heard a distant voice from the back of the large room say something. I thought I heard what, but wasn’t positive so I issued a hefty New Jersey, “Hehhhh?” in reply. She repeated the question, “Are you drunk?” Ha! Haven’t been asked that before. Enjoy my answer. Enjoy life. That’s the whole point. 

Operation 365 2… Blog 230

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 230 “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” by The Beatles

So, “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” is a beautiful and inspiring song about how wonderfully well-off we all are. I wrote a song with a similar theme recently called, “This Is How Kings Live.” I posted it last week. I had some fun playing it for the rich, special people whose time I get to share a few days a week. A strange thing occurred at about the 1.51 mark. Right before, I sang the line, “you keep all your money in a big brown bag, inside a zoo.” At about that same moment, this version of this tune sounds like it jumped into “a big brown bag, inside a zoo.” What a thing to do, video.
I could have just scrapped it for that, but I decided against it. It was just on the acceptable side of OK, by my humble standards, so… dig it. Open Mic is tonight. Winston’s, 6 to 9. Love to see you if you’re local. Otherwise, we will celebrate on behalf of all the brothers and sisters worldwide. Peace.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 230 “Anniversary One” by Jefferson Jay
Yesterday was my second anniversary. It was a very lovely one. Last year, on our anniversary, I wrote this song for my wife, Leanne, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from our Atlantic City hotel room. It’s a personal, touching little song. It is through the magic of the 365 that it becomes public, but that’s OK. The world could use as much positivity as possible. Here’s some more, world. Love you everyone. Hang in there. 
Honey, wife face, sweetheart, I love you. Here’s your first anniversary song. 
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 230 “I Like Everybody”
One of my favorite things about working with the special needs population is the incredible and positive attitudes they bring with them every single day. It is inspiring and awesome. I dare anyone to try to have my job and be grumpy at work for any period of time. You’d have to be going through some really rough stuff, for that to be the case. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of people I work with have very difficult jobs, I respect them so much, but most of them, at least the ones that last, manage to muster genuine smiles far more often than not.
The people I work with are appreciative and kind. They are humble, yet much more capable of clearly stating their positive traits without feeling the embarrassment or trepidation so many of us feel when complimenting ourselves. I find it refreshing. I was complimenting a person today on always having a great spirit and he answered, “ I know I do.” He is not bragging. He is just stating the truth. So often, my friends feel compelled to say “in my opinion,” and qualifiers of that nature. We are conditioned to hedge our thoughts or to cloak them in softening comments for fear of offending anyone. Who could blame people? So many these days are quick to cry and complain about so much. I think it is sad and I am glad that the folks I work with aren’t inhibited in that manner. It is healthy for people to feel positively about their good traits.
Steps beyond that lives… liking everyone. I don’t have the time or patience to explain why that is prudent to everyone, but they know it and I do too. And I feel so blessed to know both them and that. Think about it if you want to. If you don’t get it, it may be worth your thought time. XOXO It’s up to you.

Operation 365 2… Blog 229

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 229 “Borderline” by Madonna

Sometimes I feel there aren’t enough songs. It is a byproduct of a cover a day every day for year, twice. I don’t mind. Everything’s a choice. It’s what makes days like today more interesting, when it feels like there are too many perfect songs. How do you choose just one? Someone long ago said, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” I didn’t really understand what that meant until recently. Bush guy spends a lot more days birdless. Time is like a bird. If it’s in a bush, it’s not your really, but if it’s in your hand. It’s precious. The point is…
So, I’ve recorded a bunch of tunes. There are a million ways I could tribute my wife on our second anniversary. So many transcendent love songs. Anyway, even though Madonna’s “Crazy For You,” is in the hopper, all but ready to go, I’m staying with “Borderline,” because it’s bounced and done. My wife’s birthday is in two days, so the celebrations keep coming and the quiet, alone time is scarce. So “Borderline,” today, and make no mistake, she does keep pushing my love over the “Borderline,” “Crazy For you,” That’s your Madonna 365 update for a Tuesday. Glad that’s been cleared up.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 229 “Anniversary One” by Jefferson Jay
So, today is my second anniversary. Is it odd that I still can’t believe this is all real? Last year, we spent it celebrating in Atlantic City. What’s more majestic than a New Jersey celebration? We’ll see. Ask me later. So last year, I sat in the window of our hotel room late at night, and I wrote Leanne this tune. Peace to everyone. Happy Anniversary to you, Leanne. I love you.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 229 “Anniversary Two” by Jefferson Jay
Surprise. I wasn’t crazy about the way the recordings of “Anniversary One” came out, so here is one day earlier than I expected, “Anniversary Two.” I improvised this but I was feeling the pretty chords and the tune’s vibe. I hope you, the people of the world and Leanne, the wife of me, love it. Happy anniversary!
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 229 “So, How’s Your Wife?”
I’m proud to answer, “great.” It ain’t easy, folks. You ever been married? But, that’s what makes it all the more satisfying when things go well. You know you accomplished something. The streets are littered with the skeletons of marriages gone south. It can happen to the best of us. So when it doesn’t, we must celebrate. Taking greatness for granted is way to miss out on life’s great thrills. Nope, every day is full of challenges. Turning them to joy, each day we survive, much like the hokey pokey prior, that, my friends, that’s what it’s all about.

Wishing you the greatest glories God can offer. Peace and love, Jefferson.

Operation 365 2… Blog 228

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 228 “Good Riddance” by Green Day

I heard this song a million times but never knew it was called “Good Riddance” until someone suggested I play it at work the other day. I obliged. Well, I’ll be. “Good Riddance.” Shout out to them not calling it “The Time of My Life.” Way to show proper respect to Dirty Dancing. Challah at ya boy.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 228 “Bleak” by Jefferson Jay

San Diego is a wonderful place to live, but our sports teams tend to stink. The Padres this year exemplify that quite nicely and last year’s constantly threatening to move, 4-12 Chargers carried that torch too. This is a number I wrote awhile back for The Mighty 1090AM’s “The Scott and BR Radio Show,” three managers ago, right before they fired Bud Black. New owners, new players, no improvements. Well that’s San Diego sports for ya, but, no, it’s not bleak. We’re livin’ the dream here in SD. We may lose at sports but we win other ways. No, it’s not bleak. Also, let’s call this four straight Mondays with a Sports Song of the Week, for those of you keeping score at home.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 228 “What’s This Song About?”

So I didn’t post it as original yesterday, but here she is back as “Words” today, the song that’s searching for itself. What’s it about. No one knows. Schizosingia. It’s the newest thing. Snapchat it. Or whatever.

Operation 365 2… Blog 227

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 227 “Do Not Disturb”

Folks, some more helpful advice here. Never disturb the wife. She is a highly volatile species and can lash out unpredictably when caught off-guard. Always maintain a high level of caution when approaching the wife, particularly if she is in any way surrounded by Gray’s Anatomy. Consider yourself warned. Thank me later.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 227 “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” by Bob Dylan
“Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Special Rider — for original, exclusive performances by Bob Dylan, check-out the official channel at”
Now I was pretty fired up to play the theme from the old 80s sitcom, 227 for Day 227 here today. I listened to the tune. Still funky. Alas, the chords were not handy and today is a long day already. We play in a couple hours from 7-9 with the band at a new bar in town called THC 1502. Then I’m staying late and hosting band and fun and games, so it’s a and extra special Sunday. So I think instead we’re getting some Bob Dylan tune instead. Oh yeah. Bob’s folks insist I add some verbiage. Let me find it and stick it in at the top there. 
I like Dylan a lot, but I don’t really know “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” Can ya tell? Probably. My boy Scotty suggested I play this tune, I think he wanted me to sing it like Bob Dylan, but I don’t even know how he sings it, so, if I did, which is highly unlikely, it was not on purpose.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 227 “What’s This Song About?” by Jefferson Jay
It seems like there’s boatloads to do this week. I am trying to stay ahead, but I am a little fatigued as well. No sense lamenting things of this nature. It changes nothing. Better off to sing this song that I don’t even know what it’s about. Perhaps it reflects my rapidly revolving mind as it tries to keep track of all the things it thinks are important to keep track of. How is it supposed to know?

None of us know what tomorrow holds. How can we know which thoughts are important, what subjects are worth singing about? I don’t know. I know love rocks, but how many songs can you sing about that? 21,364, exactly. But you don’t want to use ‘em all up. Then there’s none left and you’re stuck singing about frogs and dogs and cats and whatever else this song is about.

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 227 “Blue Hat Blues” by Jefferson Jay

Upon further review, “What’s This Song About?” may never be shared with the people of Earth. I’m undecided. Maybe another day. Maybe never. Who knows? Not I. In lieu of that made-up OK song, I bring another oldie. “Blue Hat Blues” is a song I wrote about a time when I lost my blue hat in my friend Blowski’s car and how he heroically returned it to me and how that made me happy and whole again. Thanks Blowski. Miss ya pal.

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