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Operation 365 2… Blog 189

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 189 “To Be the Fool” by Jefferson Jay

So I’ve improvising so many tunes these days, I sometimes forget I even did some. “To Be the Fool” is an example of one of those. A few days ago or so, I was improvising jams. I forgot about this one. Reviewing some things, I found “To Be the Fool” and thought it was OK. Not bad for pulled from thin air for you. So yesterday, I got a bit ahead and bounced it down for ya, and here it is, once again, a new tune. Hallelujah!
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 189 “Tears on My Pillow” by Little Anthony & The Imperials
Yesterday, I was playing the music for some of the special folks I work with and somehow, “Tears on My Pillow” came out. I loved “Grease” as a kid and “Tears on My Pillow” was one of the many awesome tunes and that seminal musical. I mentioned “Tears on My Pillow” to my wife today and she busted into song. Gal sure loves her musicals. Old hits as well. So, who knows where this ranks on the all-time great versions of “Tears on My Pillow?” It’s been around since 1958 and played many a time so I’m glad it’s not my job to figure that out. Love you, fellow humans.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 189 “Trading Licks”
All kinds of interesting creative things happen at my work. I was playing some “licks” of some sort and one time, one of my peeps started responding. Next thing you know, we have a little call and response thing going, punctuated by laughter and other assorted good feelings. Yesterday, it happened again and it was a fine enough example of this yukking it up that I decided to share it here with you.
One last thing, what is perfect? Are any of us perfect? Yes and no, in my opinion. We are exactly what we’re meant to be. If we can embrace ourselves as such, we can really enjoy life. When we are occupied with perceived slights and feelings of superiority to others, we miss out on a lot of the love that life has to offer. Each bit of it is precious. Love, learning and light. What it’s all about on the road to happiness and truth.

Operation 365 2… Blog 188

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 188 “Spiderman” by Paul Francis Webster and Robert “Bob” Harris

I love my job working with the special needs folks. I have a particularly fun time with the seniors. They regularly school me on stuff that was popular when they were kids, during the 1950s and 60s. It’s pretty cool. YouTube enables me to take them on a walk down memory lane while I get exposed to some black and white hits for the very first time. I have discovered many cool tunes during this process.
Occasionally, we find common ground, often in the theme song of TV shows that remained on the air in syndication when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. The fellas in my group have a love for superheroes and this is how we wound up at “Spiderman” today, a song I always loved.
Another old friend, Ryan Smith, played a cool jazzy guitar version of this tune, long ago, I recall. I’ve been missing some of the folks I haven’t seen in ages, lately. I’ve had some folks we went to school with die in the not-too-distant past. Maybe that is why. Cheers Ryan. Thanks for the continuing inspiration. Hope to see ya soon. Peace.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 188 “Fifty Dollar Song” by Jefferson Jay

From time to time, I get a big business idea. Some are better than others and few are acted upon. Even less are followed all the way through. There are too many jobs. I don’t know what to do. I’m an idea guy. A partner or two away from a true entrepreneur. At least that’s how it seems. So much so, that I’ve sort of stopped cultivating these ideas. They tended to rest in a folder anyway. There’s no dust in a folder…
One or two of my great ideas have become successful led by other people in no way connected to me. Healthy fast food. That’s one that still could be huge. It will. Some day. A lot of my ideas are like that. Unused. I own domain names for some. I have “resting creative projects too. A screenplay about steroids in baseball. A musical about a revolution of the mind that goes along with my last CD, “Hallelujah Expressway.” I have probably close to 1000 tunes. What does it all do? Little. That’s why I’m compelled to share it here with you. At least it doesn’t die on the vine then. Some day I hope to share much more with you. Maybe even make some money too.
One idea I had awhile back was that I’d write and record personalized songs for people for fifty dollars a tune.  On second thought, that seems way too low. I still never sold any. This song was the example type tune for the idea. I think I even owned for awhile. I’ve since heard of a guy who charges hundreds of dollars to write “custom songs.” I hear he sells a lot of them too. What are you gonna do? Call for back-up? Call who?

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 188 “The Soul Man on His Birthday Party”
Today is The Soul Man’s birthday party, at my Winston’s Open Mic from 6-9. I have been to more Soul Man birthday parties than I can count. Some time, long ago, I started hosting ’em. Soul Man is one of my oldest friends and not just cause he’s turning 98 on July 1. No, he and I go back a long ways, to Croce’s right around the year 2000. He was in my wedding. Said it was the first wedding he was in 50 years. We’ve been to ballgames, played L.A., lots and lots and lots of stuff. The Soul Man stays young through love, family, music, and faith. i’ve seen it. Imagine how much a person goes through in 98 years. It’s amazing. He’s a veteran of WWII and Korea and has as fun-loving and positive an attitude about life as you possibly can. He’s one moth younger than my grandpa would be if…
Nobody loves their birthday more than The Soul Man. He’ll start thinking about the next one next week some time. When you’re The Soul Man, that’s what you do. I’m sure it helps to have goals at that age. I know he’s aiming for 100. He’ll make it if he wants. I was going to say a few words about his birthday and I guess I did here, but I decided to share his birthday enthusiasm with you directly. It rings through. Hail you, brother. Love you. See you in a few. 

Operation 365 2… Blog 187

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 187 “Love and Pray”

I wish there was something I could do. I made a video. One close friend made a comment. It was late and not real nice. Another close friend received the not nice comment and decided to blame me. He wasn’t very nice about it either. I do these videos. I try to entertain people and make folks happy but it just goes to show once again, you can’t make everyone happy. In fact, no matter how hard you try, you’re still going to make some people mad. It sucks, especially when it’s some one you love. Love includes acceptance. This is a lot of work to make friends angry. I guess I just have to trust that the positive in this outweighs my sorrow in this moment. Speechless, sadly. 
I am learning not to repress my feelings. That is why I am expressing them here and moving on as best I can, I hope. Otherwise, I would just stuff them in and have back pain. Thanks Dr. John Sarno, for helping me heal. Love heals. I don’t know much, but I know that.

So the point of all this is, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, all you can do is hope and pray that the people you care most about respect that and each other and that you’re able to enjoy you’re friendships with these loved ones as much as you can for as long as you can. You can’t really control that that, but you can love and pray that nothing muddies up these love-filled simple goals you care so much about. “Love and Pray.”
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 187 “Last Train to Clarksville” by The Monkees

I don’t know if The Monkees wrote this and I don’t care. It’s a catchy number. Hope you dig.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 187 “The Love Bus”

All we can do is love and learn in this life. Yes, it would be great if we were born knowing everything and it was all easy-peezy from then on, but no, that’s not how it goes. On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be so great. You’d never learn anything. You’d never have any break-throughs. You’d never grow or improve. You’d just know everything always and die. I guess some people are OK trying to live life like that. I am freed by my humble nature. I can be wrong and then I can learn and be right. If it takes me longer than I might like I can choose to accept myself and love myself, or I can cry and fight. Acceptance is love. Without acceptance, there can be no love.

Live and learn and love. Accept and embrace what is. Humble truths I work to live by. Every day. With varying degrees of success. Tomorrow is a chance to try again.

Operation 365 2… Blog 186

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 186 “The Ground”

Car repairs. One of the many so so fun things in life. But, like always, it’s what we do with these challenges that determines what they really are. For instance, I could have sat in the dingy mechanic office and impatiently waited for some info on my Tealmobile… OR… Walk the super dog Nigel over to the nearby Balboa Park, cuddle up on some shady grass and get cracking on today’s 365. That’s having fun. That’s using your times wisely. I feel good. I knew that I would now.
So here we are. I recorded my videos. I talked about the ground, Thanks ground. without you I do to know what I’d be sitting on. Be good to the ground folks. You never you got it til you’re in it, and by then it’s too late.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 186 “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge
I love a woman, my wife, Leanne, She is swell, the bees’ knees. I could endlessly express that, but I’ll let my guitar fingers do the talking. Here’s some Percy Sledge, live from Balboa Park. Thanks universe for soul music. Soul needs music too.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 186 “What is Real (and Does Tomorrow Matter?)” by Jefferson Jay
I am a nostalgic fellow. I didn’t study all that graduate history for nothing, I am interested in what’s happening and one way to enjoy that is to reflect on what’s already occurred. I am sitting in a special spot right now as I type this, I have too many memories to mention. I’ll name a few though.
I am here with my pooch Nigel, but I used to come here often with my old dog, Angel. She was so great. I am sitting right besides the bocce ball court I used to play at with my old pal Zach, my ex, Lisa, and a bunch of other folks over a decade ago. I fondly recall hucking bocce balls into the tree near here, with Zach. One went in there by accident when I was trying my “Elway” method of bocce toss. Then, before you know it,  all the rest of the balls were in there too, our efforts to get the first one out backfiring majestically.
Zach and I dubbed the public restroom behind me the George Michael Rest Area, due to the number of single men who loitered nearby and disappeared in there for extended periods of time. 
Once, Angel split from near here and sprinted across the street. She came back, proud to give me the little baby chipmunk she’d caught. I made her put it down and gave her guilt about it so she’d never do that again. She didn’t. I miss her.
I wrote this song with that gal I mention in it, Amber, in 1999. I remember the moment. It was after I’d moved back to Hunboldt after a short stint living in San Francisco. Must have been just a bit before that Y2K I think. My dear friends’ band, Jumbo, was coming to to play that weekend and I was stoked. I think I even threw together a band and played before them, unless that was a different trip. Maybe this was even in the very first days of 2000, almost the exact same time I got Angel. I needed more in my life as this song suggests and Angel provided just that, more to live for than just myself. It made a sea change of difference for me. And now here I am, with my dog, less than a year after Angel’s passing, quite close to one of the dog parks we visited all the time.
I love my friends, the ones I have now. But I have a different kind of special feeling for my long lost amigos, those whom I was once closest with but now mostly live on as memories from long ago. So I’ll take just a sec here to salute and send love to Zach, Lisa, Juliet, all the dudes from Jumbo, the Horvaths, Al and Andy near Amherst, all the Boomshanka fellas, my old bassist Damon, Josh, Jon, Jesse and the other guys from my JJ and the Hustlers band, the only group that ever played this song live and my dear, sweet, beloved, Angel. Love lives forever and I’ve loved all of you. I still do. Peace.

Operation 365 2… Blog 185

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 185 “Autoharp Danger”

Yesterday the Ocean Beach Street Fair was amazing. What a huge fun time. I don’t even know where to start. What a testament to the power of community and how that creates joy in a huge way. Thousands of folks converged here in our zone and it was a great time. Personal highlights included once again getting to feel the amazing sensation of playing your music on stage with your friends outside for psyched partying people. The profound and kind feedback I received from some of those folks was equally awesome.

Emceeing on the Mainstage is always a blast. This was my third year in a row volunteering for my community in that role. Connecting with so many folks and putting words to fun we all share is humbling and delightful. The Hodad’s hamburger eating contest was high entertainment and I gave it my best Al Michaels, calling the action from within the potential puke radius. Dangerous work, emceeing is. Better still, my boy Adam, took it, eating 8 big burgers in 7 minutes. He even tipped me five bucks for the fine, albeit rushed, meal. Classy.

I was sitting at the bar at Winston’s early in the day, to sip a brew and take a break from the sun. A friendly fellow to my right asked if he could take a picture with me. It turns out he was the sitar player for the next band. His name is Indrajit Banerjee. We hit it off. I dabble on the sitar, slightly. His phone was being difficult and it led to some laughter. I saw it said Fareed Haque on his Facebook. And I said I know him, meaning I’d seen him play a couple times fifteen years ago or so. Indrajit answers, “Oh, he’s right here.” He was two seats away at the bar. He looked a bit different since I’d last seen him. I had no idea. So these guys and their band, Atash were scheduled to be one of the several bands that played inside Winston’s during the Street Fair, which itself sports five stages. LOTS of live music. Atash was unbelievable, the most inspiring and enjoyable musical experience I’ve witnessed in a long time. I got to talk to them all and share my appreciation. We exchanged CDs, even had some stuff in common, universal music stuff, I guess. It ain’t easy, but it sure is fun. Even had a few friends in town from Texas who know these guys from back there. Wild. Love this life.

So, perhaps I was inspired by Atash’s array of interesting instruments. I decided to buts out my Autoharp. Then I tuned it. Several sweaty minutes later, I was ready to play, Then I tuned it again. One more while later, I busted out some jams, but not before a very serious warning about the potential dangers of tinkering with an Autoharp. Please us caution, folks, and never, under any circumstances, ever, go willy-nilly with the shiznazz or you’ll be regretting it mucho. I’m glad we understand each other.

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 185 “New Spain” by Jefferson Jay

I’d been looking forward to playing “New Spain” for you for awhile. It’s one of those many songs that inspired Operation 365 2, songs I had no idea how I’d ever share otherwise. So here we are. I’d tried it other times. With a capo. Faster. On the keys. But destiny decides and I wound up with an autoharp in my hands playin’ “New Spain” for you.

What’s “New Spain” about, Jefferson? Why, I’m glad you asked. Well, for a time, swell European folks were conquering everything from Natives and calling it theirs, because they could. The Spanish made their way up the West Coast through Mexico, spreading “Christianity” with Father Juniper Serra. Eventually they made their way to San Diego, building Missions and converting folks to their religious ways and they continued North from there. They held the land with a giant navy which stayed out in the bay, right near where I am right now. The Spanish Padres called this land of theirs “New Spain.”

That didn’t last all that long. Eventually, Mexico defeated Spain and later the United States  of America took the land from Mexico in another war. When this was alls aid and done for reasons unclear to all, they named our local baseball squad the San Diego Padres. Oh, those great days where religion and weaponry was enough to steal a country. Play ball!

“New Spain” was written on a trip to the old Mission, which was relocated to Mission Gorge many years ago. Now it is a historical site that I wandered with my dogs, Nigel and Angel, who has since passed. Love you Ainge. I was moved as I thought about all the tumult this space had experienced through the centuries and how I now sat in an empty grass patch where the altar once was, writing this historical song. Hope you like “New Spain,” and I wouldn’t mind if they changed the Padres’ name. The San Diego Bags sounds nice to me. They could wear their brown, play boring ball and it would make a lot more sense than Padres. At least, it’s in English. How about San Diego Dads. That’s nice. San Diego Dudes would be cool too. Yeah, dude.

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 185 “Can’t Let Go” by Randy Weeks

Many years ago, a close friend suggested a play this song. She said it was by Randy Weeks. I knew of it through Lucinda Williams. I played it. It was fun to play. It was ironic in a way, because the lyrics of this song applied to her and a situation she seemed unable to get herself out of. Eventually, it got so ugly, she moved away and changed her name and I haven’t seen or heard from her in over a decade. No one I know has. She was a great friend to me and I miss her. If she somehow sees this, I hope it finds her well. I’d love to hear from her again some day. One can hope. 

Now years later, I have another dear friend, who is in a similarly destructive spot. It is heart-breaking to see someone struggle to get away from someone they know is poison. It seems there is no act awful enough that this person can do. Yet, things change little if it, all. It hurts to see my friend stuck in this rut. Stalking is an understatement and my friend is helpless to fight off this persons’ perpetual onslaught of love bombing, lying and other tired tricks to oppress someone you’re pretending to love. I just hope and pray it ends better than it did for my friend who first introduced me to the sad cultural dating epidemic, delineated here in “Can’t Let Go.”

Operation 365 2… Blog 184

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 184 “Nutshell” by Alice in Chains

I love me some Alice In Chains. Have since 1992. I was an upset, young lad at the time, going through some rough stuff back then. Alice in Chains, in particular Layne Stayley, blessed me with one of God’s greatest gifts, perspective. However bad I had it, Layne had it worse. I found some sort of salvation in his pain, proving once again nothing is for naught. Love to my main man, MJW, who first turned me on to these great jams. Hail him. I still owe him an “Am I Inside?” and a “Love Hate Love.” Soon come. Those ones gotta be special for him. For today, for all of you, here’s a “Nutshell.”
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 184 “Vegetarian Lifestyle” by Jefferson Jay

I have to admit. It’s something I have been considering. One thing the 365 proves is that if you do something every day, it becomes what you do, every day. In other words, we are creatures of habit and if we want to change our behaviors, the main thing we have to do is change them. Once they’re changed, it’s far easier to maintain momentum.
To simplify things yet further, we all are creatures. While there are many reasonable reasons to eat beasts, I can’t help but feel somewhere deep down, it’s wrong. It’s kind of like how you shouldn’t really say anything about anyone that you wouldn’t be willing to say to their face. I can’t see myself hacking up farm animals, and as long as that’s the case, I should probably not eat them. The main reason I do, is its what I’m used to. I recognize that that’s not a great reason.
So here’s a little bossa nova tune I improvisationally penned with the gifted guitarist friend, Dan Porter Ratcliffe, in which I give this matter some serious, and some less serious, consideration.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 184 “Gesticulating Wildly”

Here I am sharing my copious amounts of enthusiasm with you on a Saturday. Not just any Saturday but THEE Saturday of the 37thAnnual Ocean Beach Street Fair, right here in our cozy nook of Ocean Beach. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm and I unleashed just a little bit of it for you here before the great bash gets going. So I waved my arms and raised my voice just to share a little glimmer with of what is the greatest day year in and year out in OB, Street Fair Day. And that’s what’s going down.

Operation 365 2… Blog 183

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 183 “Enigmatic Thrust” by Jefferson Jay

Had a little fun moment or two construing this little instrumental passage out of thin air. Is there a connection between mental and instrumental. Probably. I wonder.
Shout out to my dear friend Dick, whose funeral service, I attended earlier today. What a great guy. The city mourns you. So much love for you out there today. Onward and upward, my good man. Only great times. Thanks.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 183 “Kings” by Steely Dan
I’ll dedicate this to my friend Dick Van Ransom–Magana, who was laid to rest today at a church in Normal Heights. His ice cream shop, Mariposa Ice Cream was there. He and his dear wife, Anna, were always the best friends they could possibly be to me. We only had amazing times. And my heart hurts for her so. Dick is, was and will always be a king. A king of ice cream, fun, wisdom, and living life to its fullest. Love you man. To Kings. Humble, colorful, love-filled, peaceful kings. Every day. Hail.
Shoutouts to Dan Porter Ratcliffe, my man, with my back on the guitar here. 
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 183 “Friendship First”
That’s right, folks. With this post, this here Operation 365 2 is half-done. So far, survived. Hooray! Love to my friend Dick and all my other friends. Honorable mention to family. Love you. Peace

Operation 365 2… Blog 182

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 182 “Aged” by Jefferson Jay

Welcome to Day 1 of this “Halfway Done with 365 Celebration” Yes, 365 does not split evenly in two, therefore, Day 182 and Day 183 are halfway twins as we turn the corner and head for home, some 550 videos in. I wish I had something more spectacular to share today, but I must remind myself, it’s not about that. Nope, it’s about doing it every day. Showing you can. Always being there for folks, whether they want you there or not.  It’s about a creative journey, a productive journey. What is great art? I explored this theme a lot in 365 1. It is entirely subjective. You can never please everyone. Please yourself. Be kind to all, but please yourself. It’s one way of life, anyway. I guess some people out there still prefer to be dicks. That’s another way. It’s all subjective. Well, more so with art. Less so with dickheadedness. Opinions everywhere. Look out! I’m not even sure what I’ve done today Tie to find out, I suppose.
OK, “Aged” is a tune I improvised earlier. It is this process of recording and sharing these songs that separates them from simply being lost thoughts from my mind. These are tunes. I can go back and edit them later. Every tune I wrote form the first 365. There were 211, I went back and checked. The ones I liked, many of which were improvised, I learned, right off of the video. I transcribed the words, I figured out the chords. They’re tunes. You can change them later if you want to. Or not. That’s the beauty of arting. It’s totally up to you and right is whatever you do.
Another unique art approach I use is present in this tune. The chords to “Aged” are A-G-E-D. Yep. It can be that simple. I remember I was talking songwriting with San Diego songwriting legend and I shared with him this method I use for writing songs from time to time. He was taken aback. He’d written tunes a million ways, but never that way. What a great guy to talk songwriting with. I am blessed. We all are. Aging is a gift. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything’s a bonus.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 182 “What Am I Gonna Do For You?”

In this brilliant piece of cinematography, I wander around my zone and try to figure out what I’m going to do for my cover this evening. It is highly enlightening. Great art begats more great art… or something.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 182 “Edelweiss” by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein

Here, destiny leads me straight to “Edelweiss.” I did what I could to make my rendition of it entertaining for you. You can decide for yourself though. In looking up who wrote this tune, (I assumed it was a Austrian anthem from centuries ago), I learned that “Edelweiss” was last song Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote together because Hammerstein died of stomach cancer months later. Whoa. For them, “Edelweiss” meant they were done. For me it is just the beginning, the beginning of the second half of your Operation 365 2.

Operation 365 2… Blog 181

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 181 “Teaching the Gang the Blues”

I just heard a car commercial on the radio. It said,” Intelligence is the new rock n’ roll.” That’s funny. Shall we play the deconstruction game again? Briefly? First of all, intelligence is new? Oh, brother. Starting from a very low point. Let’s give them, for a second, that that’s true. How sad is that really? It’s not like people have been denied access to books. In fact, the internet makes “intelligence” extremely accessible. Alas, the whole point of commercials is to take your deepest seeded dreams from your subconscious and use them to sell you crap you don’t need.
Anyway, then part two, “the new rock n’ roll.” This presumption here is rock n’ roll used to be cutting edge, revolutionary, colorful, inspiring… or something. First of all, music, including rock still exists. For some reason, major corporations are making as much money off it any more so to them, I guess it’s just some thing from a long time ago that resonates in older peoples heads as such. Lame.
Rock n’ roll lives, folks. I know, ‘cause my Jefferson Jay Band still plays it. So do a million other bands. Heck, I write the stuff, almost daily. Gosh, car company, Have some respect. Just cause it’s not as profitable doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe it was TOO revolutionary. Maybe that is why it get dismissed. It takes one band or one open-minded visionary corporate guy to change this paradigm completely. I’m here. Ready and waiting.
In the meantime, gotta work. So today, I teach an older friend of mine with some sweet raw singing talent, and my other pals, a thing or two about how to sing the blues. Love you all humans.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 181 “Thank You for Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold
My wife was in a special mood yesterday evening. I don’t know how she knows the theme to “The Golden Girls.” I was told it’s shown to this day on The Hallmark Channel. I guess that makes sense. Well, she sang, “Thank you for being a husband.” I raise her the rest of the tune, just like I did last night. All hail the Operation 365, your daily visit with a real human guy.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 181 “Splendid Time”  by Jefferson Jay

I somehow found myself staring down at the chords and lyrics to a tune I wrote for the last 365 called “180.” At that moment, I think I thought it was still Day 180, so I started singing the words to some different music, a little minor blues something. It was fun. I think I’m gonna keep it. “Splendid Time.”
Hail Dr. John Sarno, my personal Mr. 180. And I haven’t even read his book yet. I just learned about him. Soon come. “Positive.” – Rasta John

Operation 365 2… Blog 180

Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Originals – 180 “Right on Time” by Jefferson Jay

Today is Day 180 for Operation 365 2. 180 is the unofficial number of turning things around. 180 degrees from wherever you are now is the opposite. Sort of, anyway, if you can apply math to life, it is. In a couple days, well be celebrating the halfway point of this project which is a red-letter sort of situation as well. 
I’ve been working on my skills making up songs on the spot and I think I’m finally making progress. I threw on the capo and hit it. Not a bad one at all. I’ve been practicing guitar and trying to expand my repertoire so I can do some fun things for you in the back half of this here Operation 365 2. 
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Covers – 180 “Ape Man” by The Kinks
The Kinks are great. My hero Chris Scelzo taught that too me as a young padawan. I have still so much to learn. Every day. Today, I strapped on the ape coat. It was a million degrees but I did for you. Then I sang the song. It was fun. What an amazing tune. I hope I play it again and again. Maybe even with The Jefferson Jay Band. There’s a great video on YouTube of The Kinks playing it live in 1970.
And there it is.
Operation 365 2 – Jefferson Jay – Words – 180 “Trying Too Hard Not To Be Racist Is Racist”

I was shocked and dismayed to read they don’t play “Ape Man” any more on the radio because it can be construed as offensive to black people. To me that thought is offensive to black people. What?!/ It is so convoluted it pains me to even begin to deconstruct the racism that makes a ban like that a reality. What? Let’s dip our toe in the deconstruction waters. Just briefly. Just the tip. 

Some some racist morons long ago trying to say black people were apes… OK. That’s stupid and ignorant and we’ve moved past that. At least people with functioning brains have. Now, back in 1970 a British band writes a tune. It’s called “Ape Man” and by my limited understanding of the tune. It’s about how humans act in an unevolved manner in a myriad of ways. It’s a cute, funny, and deep (in its own way) little makes-you-think and smile song. Then what happened? Some overly sensitive people thought “black people” presumably, couldn’t handle hearing this song? How many black people even listen to classic rock radio? I have no idea. But whoever does, is presumably so thin-skinned and stupid that they can’t get that that song is not related to old racist mentalities that led to ridiculous slurs and that they can’t understand for the,selves by listening to thew actual words that the tune is not racist in any way at all. In fact, it’s all about how all of us are the same, unevolved apes. When we do things like this, “Ape Man” sounds like a prophecy. Who is being protected from what exactly. It’s beyond me. 

Then again, maybe the Internet lied. Maybe it’s not banned form anywhere. Maybe I was baited by a stray YoutTube comment or some other We-based truth mirage. One can hope. One can dream

Accepting everyone. Loving everyone. Trusting folks enough to allow them to decide for themselves what’s best. That’s true freeness. Not banning things you think people can;t take. 

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